David (quemadmodum) wrote,

Spring, the sweet (hmm?) Spring

Well actually, spring hasn't exactly arrived in Western Franklin County yet. But the 2 plus feet of snow out in Shelburne have really started to recede and portions of the garden beds have become visible. And as usual, that means that
Bill and I went to buy SEEDS and PLANTS this weekend.
I think that this represents the triumph of hope over experience, a phrase used to describe something else many years ago. But here we are.
Perhaps I was galvanized by a call from Jim the Gardener asking me to check the depth of snow out by the orchard-to-be, because the fruit trees and shrubs will be arriving in mid-April. Since one of the big raised beds that Jim put in for me is intended for a cutting garden, and another is going to be for vegetables, this is what I did to get started:

1) Cutting garden: 14 dahlia tubers, to be started in pots in a week or so in order to have them a good size when it's warm enough to plant them out. They include "Kelvin Floodlight" (large yellow), "White Perfection" (no prizes offered on that one), a purple, "Thomas Edison" and a mid-red, "Barbarossa". The combination in the bed itself will probably be loud and vulgar, but that's not why I planted them; they'll give plenty of flowers to cut later this summer.
Also seeds for:
Zinnia single "Pinwheel mixture"
Zinnia tall decorative "Purple Prince"
Sunflower "Lemon Queen" (no queen jokes please)
Mixed bush sweet peas "Knee High"
Perennial Lupine (deep blue, semi-wild)
I might also try some annual larkspur and nigella.

2) Vegetable seeds:
Beans, Romano bush
Peas, Laxton's Progress
Turnip Tops "Seven Top" which also produces an underground turnip of good quality even tho' I'm planting for greens)
Kale, Blue Scotch
Parsnip, Hollow Crown (very King Lear, no?)
Radish, French breakfast.

Of course there will be tomato seedlings, basil, and other cutting flowers, but this is a start....
Cross your fingers......
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