David (quemadmodum) wrote,

Here I am again

It's been ages. After a busy summer, hot and wet but not in a good way, civilized weather has returned, apples are ripe, the zucchini vines are dying (I hope), the dahlias are still producing, there is almost frost at night, and the hills of western MA are putting on a show as they usually do.
My Bill left for a 3 month sabbatical in Oxford last Tuesday (the 30th) so I am very much on my own. The first couple of days are always rather sad and then I bounce back in a thoroughly callous fashion, reverting to my way of life as it was during the 10 years between LTR # 1 (Wim) and the present one.
Last Saturday I received an enjoyable visit from Franco (london67) and Adrian (whose moniker I don't recall) at the house in Shelburne. They brought me some rather nice tea and I was able to try out my new cheese scone recipe on them as well as an apple pie. Both disappeared (scones and pie, not Franco and Adrian) with flattering speed. On Sunday I went down to Worcester to hear a friend kick off his series of concerts covering the complete organ symphonies of Charles Widor. Brett is a fine player indeed. Widor...well. French late 19th century organ music is not my thing although there were a couple of good fugues in it.
In a couple of weeks I head off to Amsterdam for a month--Bill will join me there from England for a weekend and I will be traveling to England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, France, and possibly Norway. A lot of traveling for a month, but then there are so many people I know and never otherwise get to see.
This is just to update my friends here on my Barbara Pym like existence. I feel that I should now make a cup of ovaltine or something.
Oh yes...singing this year for the High Holidays...the one Jewish activity in my life. I suppose that it balances out the restored foreskin? An intriguing thought.
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